Why Fox Yarn Created Slight Fluffy Effect in White/Light/Bright Colors?

Q: Why Fox Yarn Created Slight Fluffy Effect in White/Light/Bright Colors?

A: White/light/bright color’s fox yarn used bleach fox fiber to dye, which length is shorter and strength is weaker than dark colors’ original fox fiber yarn.

Different colors select different fox raw materials to dye.

Fox fiber has 2 types:

  • the original grey color fox fiber
  • Bleach fox fiberIt

It is the rule that the original fox fiber dyed in dark & melange color’s fluffy feeling is better than Bleach fox fiber dyed in white / light color.

(1) What is the Original Grey Color Fox Fiber?

It is the original color of the fox raw fiber after scouring,which could dyed dark colors and melange tones.

(2) What is Bleach Fox Fiber?

Using bleach chemical materials to fade the original grey fox fiber into white color fiber, in that case, it can be dyed colors in white and light tones.

If use original grey fiber to dye the light tones, the color will darker.

The original fox fibers are damaged the length and strength during bleach process, the strength becomes weaker, and the length becomes shorter, that’s why the white color ,light color and bright color’s fox hair fluffy effect is weaker after washing.

According to the characteristics of the fox fiber, please note it and choose one between the light color and fluffy effect once you design the fox yarn sweaters,

(1) if rich fluffy effect first, choose dark colors or melange colors,

(2) if color light tone first, the velvet feeling will be worse.

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Of course, AXLETEX axis of the de-whitening fox fiber using 24 hours of circulating water cold stripping technology, in up to 24 hours of time, step by step stage by stage decoloration, as little as possible to destroy the strength and length of the fox fiber, slow and careful work, and as a result, some customers have fed back, AXLETEX axis of the white or light-colored fox velvet shrinkage of the down is also very awesome, at least than the de-whitening technology on the market is more stable.

In order to let you feel more intuitively the degree of downy feeling and hair loss of white/light colors of our fox velvet, ALEXTEX Axis can send you the effect of white/light colors of other processing plant washing and 50g free sample yarn for you to try, shunfeng to pay. Once your processing plant can’t wash the fluff or you think the white/light color has no fluff at all and don’t accept it or the fluff is not as good as the dark color, don’t choose the white/light color.

Q: I want the light/bright colors to feel velvety as well, any options?

A: If you want to keep the light color of the velvet feel, then use the Ben White Fox Velvet direct dye light color, however, need to accept that the color is not so clean, it will be black and dull, not so light. Because the white fox velvet color is gray color, light dye can not cover the layer of gray color.

Take dyeing yellow as an example:

Preservation of velvet feeling — this white fox raw material dyed yellow effect

The color is dark, and gray, but after shrinking velvet feel strong, fiber length is not damaged.

Color preservation — stripped white fox raw material dyed yellow effect

The color is clean, but the down feeling is not strong after shrinking, and the fiber will be shorter.

Please consider beforehand whether to keep the velvet feeling or the color clean.

Fox fur yarn colors are: white, beige, beige, cream, light pink, light yellow, light purple, light green, bright pink, goose yellow, bright green, jewel blue, big purple, etc., the velvet feeling is poor, not as good as the dark color, therefore, in the selection of colors or custom colors, please promptly communicate with the AXLETEX Axis sales specialists to communicate with your fox fur light-colored sweater to keep the color clean or to keep the velvet feeling is strong, can only be two choose one.

If you have any other questions about foxing, please feel free to contact us for one-on-one consultation and yarn adjustment. ALEXTEX Centerline is happy to assist you in the development and operation of foxing knitwear in a more professional and easier way.