What is Raccoon Fiber?

AXLETEX purchases the animal fiber from the best religion farms in the north of China to keep the fixed resource, the buyers and designers could work together without any worry about quality.

What is Raccoon Fiber?

Raccoon fiber is one of the animal yarn materials which is collected from raccoon dog, the original color is brown, not white, after selected by the meticulous workers with combs, the useful part of hair could exist and made as a raccoon fiber to spin raccoon fiber yarn.

AXLETEX Raccoon Fiber is harvested from the first batch raccoon hair when racoons changing hair season in May, we are the one of the top 5 raccoon fiber collectors in the racoon farms each season.That’s why our quality is unique and always ahead of others.

As the density of raccoon fiber is lower than cashmere, its weight is lighter than cashmere. Furthermore, there is a knobby cavity in the fibrous structure of raccoon, so it has an specail warmth retention property.

All raw materials of raccoon yarn fiber are under a strict vendor validation process standard, our two raccoon farms which enables us to provide the most consistent and finest AXLETEX Raccoon yarn fibre on the market.

What animals make raccoon yarn fiber?

The raccoon yarn fiber is made from the animal named raccoon dog who lives in the cold weather area in the north of China forest nearby the sea. They prefer to wash the food in water before eating, so Chinese named it Huan Xiong in mandarin, Huan means wash, it has the habit of hibernation if on cold snow winter days, the colder the weather is, the longer hair they created originally.

The raccoon has a body length of 16 inch to 28 inch, and a body weight of 11 lb to 57 lb, which the size like a smaller goat, but a little bit bigger than the fox. The overall coat color is gray-brown mixed, this dense underfur insulates it against cold winter weather.

AXLETEX has three raccoon collected areas:

1,Weihai city, Shandong Province

2,Qinhuangdao city, Hebei Province,

3,Jinzhou city, Liaoning Province.

the more meat they ate, the thicker fur they created, our farmers feed them the preferred diet included crayfish, frogs, fish, snails, and clams, which are easily found food near the sea, they also enjoy insects, eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts.

the raccoon dog sheds its hair regularly from May till June every year because it doesn’t fit anymore. it almost seems like they “feel better” once the hairs off of them.

Does raccoon dog get killed for raccoon fibre?

No, it can be harvested without killing the human’s friend – raccoon. we use the natural shed hairs from racoon to comb and spin the pure yarn for human’s warmth in winter time through a finished garment.

This kind of method could bring long terms environmental recycle for the raccoon and human. It is eco-friendly fiber with pleasant value from the wild raccoon hair.

When will be the great time to collect the raccoon yarn fibre in a year?

From May to June is the greatest harvest time to collect the first and best quality raccoon fiber materials. AXLETEX booked it in advance by cash to ensure that we have it and ahead of other competitors.

Can I know the original color of raccoon fiber?

The overall coat color of raccoon is gray-brown mixed, so the original color of raccoon is primarily brown but can vary from dark brown to light brown tones mixed. and there are few white colors which is pretty precious, our workers collect by their meticulous selection.

while, the quantity is too less to meet the demand on the market.

If you need light color tones for your sweater design, the original brown raccoon fiber must be decolorized before making light color yarn, then it could show white, beige, light pink colors for your need.

Can I see sample of your racoon fiber?

Sure, it is our responsibility to prepare enough racoon fibre sample for your checking before ordering, your sample will be sent from our office by international express and assist you to track it till you get it safely.

What is the Construction of Raccoon fiber?

it shows as below:

What is the capacity of raccoon yarn fiber per year in China?

Raccoon yarn’s production capacity depends on the raccoons number.

While, AXLETEX purchase two tons raccoon fiber in the year of 2023.

How to get the raccoon yarn fiber?

Combing from natural falling hairs during shed season in May, which is precious and unique, the hair is long and slim with 100% pure racoon fiber, and easy to work with spin.

AXLETEX Animal Textile insist on using the 100% pure fiber to spin the luxury quality for the textile industry, we invested tens years to bulid up the benifit relationship with local raccoon farms to keep the steady offer and quantity to the brand sweater distributors and knit garment manufacturers, especially offering raccoon yarn with real pure raccoon fiber, so it need the ability to judge the real raccoon yarn if you are valuable follower.

Where does raccoon yarn fiber come from in China?

The places named Weihai city and Yantai city in Shandong province, Qinhuangdao city in Hebei province are the main living places for Chinese raccoons.

They prefer slight cold weather, not hot areas. The colder weather is, the gorgeous fur will be grew.

What is the sample delivery time of raccoon fiber?

2 workdays of ready inventory fiber sample, 35 days for custom raccoon fiber order.

If ythe order is urgent, please remind us in advance and we will adjust to make it possible.

What is the mini order quantity of raccoon fiber?

1 kilo per color from inventory yarn, 300 kilos per color for custom raccoon yarn.

What is the bulk delivery time of raccoon fiber?

25-35 days for confirmed orders.

AXLETEX animal yarn fiber textile factory machines are running day and night to support your spinning yarn projects. if you have a rush order for some reason, please mark it in advance, we will work with you tightly and position your order in the urgent place to achieve.

How to proceed an order of raccoon fiber?

Sample confirmation à PI confirmation-> Pay deposit -> Produce -> Packing -> Pay Rest-> Shipping.

Will my raccoon yarn fiber order come from the same resource?

Yes, we will keep eyes on the same level material’s quality, we won’t bring troubles to our clients and ourselves, never run the second time is our service aim to work effectively.

Can we print our logo on your material package?

Sure, we love to be your extended packing team in China.

How Can I control the quality of raccoon yarn?

You could ask us a direct video when proceed your order.

100 grams sample yarn tone is offered for your checking the quality once the bulk is ready.

If approved, packing list and loading report will be offered accordingly.、

Which method could test the fiber quality?

In China, we use GB/T 16988-2013 standard and named quantitative determination for mixtures of special animal fibre and wool.

The basic test protocol as below:

1, fiber content and rate

2, fiber density, (g/cm3)

3, fiber diameter. (um)

Apart from the Raccoon fiber, do you do any other luxury animal fiber material?

Yes, Raccoon yarn fiber and fox yarn fiber are our DNA animal fiber materials with good reputation in domestic China.you could mixed it with other fibers, such as racoon wool, 55% raccoon 25% nylon 10% viscose 10% wool, fox wool, 50 fox 20 wool 20 nylon 10 viscose.

AXLETEX animal yarn company focus on variety of natural animal fibre collection and follow the market new inquiry to store good quality animal fibre to keep steady resource. we also have reliable supply of woolen fiber, wool fiber, cashmere yarn fiber, mohair yarn fiber, etc.

Get your courage and make your move to contact with AXLETEX raccoon fiber China factory for purchasing yarn materials from today.