Raccoon Yarn fibre vs Fox yarn fibre:The key Difference

Axletex is one of the early raccoon yarn, fox yarn manufacturer in China in the year of 2013.

1、Birth date

Due to a growing demand for raccoon yarn with “fur-looking” in the twenty one century, Raccoon fibres entered the textile industry before fox fibres. after 3 years, Fox yarn fibre is the replacement fluffy created yarn once the raccoon yarn price is sharply higher.

2、Fiber index

The raccoon fibre character is better than fox fibre.

Raccoon Length: 34-38mm Fineness: 15.5um-16.5um Curl rate: 12.16%.

Fox fur length: 24-29mm fineness: 17.5um-18.6um curl rate: 5.75%.

3、Purchase cost

The purchasing cost of raccoon fibre is more expensive than that of fox fibre.

4、Production yield

The yield of fox fibre is higher than raccoon fibres.

5、Soft touch

The raccoon fur is soft, neat, warmth and skin-friendly.

Fox fibre is not as soft as raccoon fur with straight furry performance,  it is recommended to add a lining when wearing fox yarn sweaters.

6、Loss of hair rate

Raccoon velvet fabrics are not easy to lose hair, because the average length of the fiber is about 10mm longer than fox velvet.

Fox fibre yarn sweater generally have a slight hair loss phenomenon (operate tight density of the flat knitting machine or knit with spandex yarns to control the rate of hair loss in an acceptable range)

7、Consumer Groups

Raccoon yarn sweater is luxury and valued by rich women.

Fox yarn sweater is cheaper than Raccoon yarn items and wins the youth girl’s heart.

Even raccoon fibre and fox fibre have a short long history in textile industry, AXLETEX focus on first-hand raw materials of it. we love a challenge if you may have any custom design.

Here are some custom raccoon yarn and fox yarn details for your review.

1, 24NM/2,50%Raccoon 10%Wool 40%Nylon

2,26NM/2,36%Raccoon 64%Wool

3,16NM/2,25%Raccoon 50%Wool 25%Nylon

4,18NM/2,62%Fox 38%Wool

5,22NM/2,25%Fox 50%Wool 25%Nylon

6,24NM/2,13%Fox 5%Wool 25%Acrylic 32%Viscos 25%Nylon

We would like to meet your color requests.
MOQ:300kilos (660lb) per color.
299-250kgs(657.8-550lb),surcharge 5%;
249-200kgs(547.8-440lb),surcharge 10%;
199-150kgs(437.8-330lb),surcharge 15%;
149-100kgs(327.8-220lb),surcharge 30%
99-50kgs(217.8-110lb),surcharge 50%
Delivery time:20-25 days

Axletex team are pleasure to get your valued inquiry of our raccoon yarns and fox blended yarns anytime, please kindly contact us now.