Raccoon fiber vs Fox fiber: All the same characters you need Understand


Raccoon and fox fibres are collected from Animal Raccoon dog and  Silver fox in the North of China, both grows in the same area in winter.The colder the weather, the more fine fibres fabricated.

The raw material collection of raccoon and fox fiber is sheered in May every year, which is only once a year with a fur changing valid time of 1.5 months;

Chinese raccoon dog
Chinese fox animal


Raccoon and Fox are natural fibres that certain animals production in the form of a woolly pelt.both are the special animal fibers with a medullary structure,which is different from wool fiber with prick scales.

raccoon yarn fibre
fox yarn fibre


Raccoon and fox fibres created fluffy looking, anti-pilling and have great warmth properties for fall and winter seasons.

100% raccoon yarn by axletex
fox blended yarn by axletex


Compared with the annual production of cashmere, the annual production of raccoon and fox fiber is small and decreasing sharply every year because of less farmers to raise them to make its valuable and rare;


The strength of raccoon and fox fiber is weaker than cashmere wool, fiber dyeing and knit fabric washing with low temperature is required;


Raccoon fibre and fox fiber are required to fade off white firstly before dyeing if yarn colors in white or greige or pink light colors, the yarn strength in white color is weaker after fade than natural fibres in dark colors.

raccoon fibres in white and natural
fox fibres in white and natural


Better to knit spandex yarns with raccoon and fox to reduce the rate of hair loss and keep rich fluffy looking.

knit fox yarn with spandex


The raccoon and fox sweaters should be stored and packed in a breathable environment.

raccoon yarn sweaters by axletex


Wash label recommended is the same of raccoon sweater and fox sweater:

– Dry clean only

– Do not bleach

– Do not wring

– Do not tumble dry

– Lay flat to dry in a cool place

– Iron at a low temperature

Here are some of raccoon yarn and fox blended yarns for your selection:

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