Dehaired Racoon Yarn

What is the Dehaired Racoon Yarn?

Dehaired raccoon yarn is a striking fuzzy animal yarn used for knitting and crocheting the winter warm items, such as scarf, gloves, socks and knitwear like sweaters,cardigan and pullover. now it became a novelty animal yarn resource of the high-end knitwear brands.

How is dehaired raccoon yarn made?

Wild raccoon covered in salt-and-pepper colored fur and create a thick hair under the fur, we collected the raccoon hairs and wash it to comb as raccoon fiber, ready to be top dyed and spin into a yarn cones about one kilo for packing and shipping. The finished animal yarn is born to sell in the textile market as the basic material of knitwear.

Are raccoons killed to make dehair raccoon yarn knitting? 

Raccoon are not killed directly for yarn production. it is a natural hair changing step of them, raccoon have 8-14 years life to change the hair in May, they feels better once dehaired one time a year,

What is the difference between cashmere and Dehaired raccoon yarn?

  • Raccoon has Lighter weight

Dehaired Racoon fiber density is attractive lower than cashmere fiber after research, so the weight is lighter than cashmere.

  • Warmer obviously

Natural dehaired racoon fiber material structure has a section of the cavity, therefore its warmth is great.

What is the composition do you have of it?

AXLETEX have worked to bring premium dehaired raccoon yarn for customer in need and have run it for 8 years from rich source of raw material quality control till spin yarn. It is our honor to serve many luxury knitwear brands, animal yarn wholesaler, fancy yarn trader by producing below compositions and get a great feedback with repeat orders constantly. Any custom order is welcomed,too.

2/24 nm,30% Raccoon 30% Rayon 25% Polyester 10% Wool 5% Lurex

2/20 nm,50% raccoon,30% wool, 20% nylon

2/20 nm,30% Raccoon 25% Wool 25% Nylon 20% Fox

2/24 nm,40% Nylon, 30% Wool, 30% Raccoon

2/20 nm,50%raccoon, 30%superfine merino wool, 20%nylon

2/20 nm,50%raccoon, 27%superfine merino wool, 23%nylon

2/24 nm,30% Raccoon 30% Wool 40% Nylon

2/26 nm, 55 raccoon 25 nylon 10 viscose 10 wool

3/15 nm, 50 raccoon 50 wool

2/16 nm, 50 raccoon 20 viscose 20 nylon 10 wool

2/24 nm, 43 raccoon 25 nylon 17 wool 15 viscose

2/24 nm, 40 raccoon 25 viscose 25 nylon 10 wool

2/26 nm, 75 wool 25 raccoon

2/24 nm, 30% raccoon 30% wool 40% nylon

2/20nm or 2/24 nm, 50% raccoon, 27% wool, 23% nylon.

2/24 nm, 15% raccoon, 50% wool, 15% viscose, 20% nylon.

2/24 nm, 15% raccoon, 30% wool, 30% viscose, 25% nylon.

Any shade card to check?

Yes, we will make full sets of shade card for your selection once new animal yarn is created for new season. Please kindly inform us your favourite color tones, then we could send it out by mail for first round checking, then send your selected ones by international express.

Do you have ready yarn sample in the inventory?

Yes, Stock yarn service is an adjustable service for swift delivery and trail orders, enough quantity of our 7-8 colors for your quick purchasing to meet your color requests promptly. we update color books every year to keep the colors of each animal yarn fashionable.

How do you manage your stock animal yarn?

We run ERP inventory management system for 3 years, and all yarns was set in the fixed position on the yarn shelf, anyone can find it easily by the position system in our 1000 square meters stock warehouse. we love work effectively.

Are your animal yarns only suitable for sweater yarn? Can it used for knitting and crocheting?

Our main animal yarns of dehaired raccoon yarnfox yarn,cashmere, wool are not only excellent for sweater knitting and crocheting, but our yarns are great for weaving as well.

Is white color hard to dye of dehaired raccoon yarn? you only seem to have navy blue and brown.

It seems you are pretty professional about yarn dyeing, the white color of raccoon yarn is a little bit complicate to dye compared with dark colors.

The original Dehair raccoon color is dark brown or with light brown mixed, so produce light color need to turn on the Dehair Racoon color by harmful chemical material, it will destroy the natural characters of the raccoon hair, in this case, the hair in whitel color is not so fuzzy like dark color’s.

While, our main knitwear customers from Japan and Korea purchase the white color more than any other colors, it is a good chance for us to innovate our skill and did a good job on it. Of course, we suggest the designer to follow the original characteristics of raccoon fiber in dark color tone.

When will you have more colours avalaible in your 2 ply cones?

It’s better to contact our dedicated customer care team in advance to know the exact estimate delivery time. All of our animal yarns are on constant order, the out of stock yarns color will be back in stock about 20-25 days, we hope this helps.

Can you make OEM service?

Yes, we could assist your yarn purchase plan and we have one stop service from combing,dyeing,spinning and packing with advanced textile OCTIR and passionate yarn expert. Let’s talk more about your OEM plan.

What is your MOQ of each color for OEM service?

MOQ:300kilos (660lb) per color.

299-250kgs(657.8-550lb),surcharge 5%;

249-200kgs(547.8-440lb),surcharge 10%;

199-150kgs(437.8-330lb),surcharge 15%;

149-100kgs(327.8-220lb),surcharge 30%

99-50kgs(217.8-110lb),surcharge 50%

Delivery time:20-25 days

Sample MOQ is 5 kilos(11lb) with surcharge $145 per color per type.

Where does my yarn ship from?

Your noble animal yarns will be shipped from Shanghai port, China or Ningbo port, China, where is 2-3 hours far away from our knitting yarn factory by truck.

Will there be a delay to my order?

It is no excuse to delay your order if we signed back the yarn purchase contract. Except the Chinese Sping Festival period, there is likely to be a delay in posting your order with a lower number of staff than usual,the factory will be on furlough for one month to celebrate the lunar new year.

we will inform you by mail in advance to let you adjust your project and work together to find workable solutions.

What is the care guide of garment with your dehaired raccoon yarn ?

As we produced real raccoon coveted yarn with meticulous knitting and dyeing to keep the original animal characters of its, the main care guide of this kind of raccoon knitwear is cold hand wash only, in this way, you could get individual warm feeling than any other animal yarns made garments.

Do you have any additional information about it?

Except Dehaired racoon yarn, we also provide dehaired raccoon blend yarn with lower cost than 100% pure raccoon yarn, as we have power resource of raccoon yarn fiber in the north of CHINA, if you would like to purchase real and the first round raccoon fiber for your yarn trade business on Amazon ,Shopify or for knitting,dyeing process only, we encourage you to contact us whenever you have an interest or concern about it, we are sure you could get more benefit and beautiful feedback from your valuable buyers.

AXLETEX look forward to supplying high end dehaired raccoon yarn and natural fiber yarn to world top brand and garment designers with right quality, right costs and right timing. No matter your order quantity large or small, you can rest assured that reliable service is one of our top concerns.