62% Fox 38% Wool Blended Yarn
AXLETEX Customized Yarn

62%Fox 58%wool

Fox fibre is eligible for blend with wool fibre or cashmere fibre to spin it easy and simple, you do not have to worry about the strength quality anymore, that’s why Whim Gazette purchased 62% Fox 38% Wool from us to make sweaters in the past years. Let’s learn more about it:

Yarn No.: 62F

-Yarn count: 18NM/2

-Composition: 62% fox 38% wool

-Sample yarn color: 6 colors (white, off white, khaki, glacier, rose red, hot pink)

– Knitwear, knitdown, 50g sample yarn are available for your evaluation.

62% Fox 38% Wool Japan Test Report

62% Fox 38% Wool Test Report in English

MOQ of each color

一、We would like to meet your color requests.,
MOQ:300kilos (660lb) per color.
299-250kgs(657.8-550lb),surcharge 5%
249-200kgs(547.8-440lb),surcharge 10%
199-150kgs(437.8-330lb),surcharge 15%
149-100kgs(327.8-220lb),surcharge 30%
99-50kgs(217.8-110lb),surcharge 50%
Customized Delivery time:20-25 days after color confirmed and deposit

二、Sample MOQ: 5kilos.
unit price + $145/color surcharge.
AXLETEX will refund surchage $145 per color if your order reach MOQ:300 kilos.
sample delivery time: 20 days after color confirmed and deposit.

三、Lab-dip Time:5 days after getting your color code or color standard.

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