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Alextex Raccoon Yarn and Fox Yarn Cateroy

Fluffy Pure Raccoon Yarn

62% Fox Blended Yarn

50% Raccoon Blended

42% Fox Blended Yarn

36% Raccoon Blended

25% Fox Blended Yarn

25% Raccoon Blended

13%Fox Blended Yarn

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Why Alextex Raccoon Yarn and Fox Yarn

Original Raw Fiber without Middleman to Keep Mill-end Prices and True Roots.

Specialists for over 30 years, AXLETEX raw fibre knowledge and tech ensure  ODM & OEM is allowed with your target cost

The Advanced Italian Octir Spin Equipment and dying mill with RWS certificate ensures the consistency of yarn elasticity, elongation, count, strength and colour.

Ready Stock Yarn with Different Beautiful Colors to Keep your deadline and delivery it  as promised.

About Us

AXLETEX Raccoon Yarn Manufacturer from China is a real fluffy yarn factory based in Jiaxing city, Zhejiang province,China and provide dehaired raccoon yarn and fox yarn with fluffy performance and the true roots fibre.

AXLETEX is one of the few supplier to collected the original Raccoon Fiber and Fox Fiber from the farmers in May in the North of China every year, 1000 square meters stock yarn in the inventory with different colors is ready for your constant delivery requests.

Most of knitwear manufacturers,Fashion knitwear designers and crochet wholesalers from Japan, Korea, France,UK, USA and Hongkong,China get a valuable benefit from our fluffy yarn to make the unique knitwear business.

About the Factory

AXLETEX Spinexpo in Shanghai, China

Test Report of Raccoon Yarn & Fox Yarn

Racccoon Yarn Test Report From Japan
Fox Yarn Test Report From Japan
Raccoon Yarn Chinatesta Textile Test Report
Fox Yarn Chinatesta Textile Test Report

Axletex 100% Raccoon yarn Stock Color and furry Performance

Axletex Blended Fox Yarn fluffy looking