Fluffy Raccoon Yarn Manufacturer in China

AXLETEX foucus on raccoon yarn & fox yarn as the DNA to creat the unique fluffy touch and warm keeping of the autumn and winter sweaters.

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Alextex Raccoon Yarn

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MOQ of each color

We would like to meet your color requests.

MOQ:150kilos (331lb) per color.

149-100kgs(328-223lb),surcharge 10%;

99-50kgs(218-110lb),surcharge 15%;

Delivery time:20-25 days

Sample MOQ is 5 kilos(11lb) with surcharge $145 per color per type.

Professional Wool Yarn Manufacturer in China

Owned the world’s best up-to-date woolen carding and spinning machines: 5 sets of Japanese KYOWA 80-inch,20 sets of Italian OCTIR 100-inch, and the other 22 Sets of advanced carding and spinning equipment.

AXLETEX raccoon fiber fox fiber is carded using Italian OCTIR carding machine

The spinning environment with constant temperature and humidity ensures that the yarn strips are dry, even and have tension

In the standard dyeing factory certified by Oeko-tex, the original characteristics of the fibers are destroyed as little as possible by applying the raccoon fleece to the loose fleece dyeing process, that is, the color fastness is stable and the fleece effect is good

Dyeing must be color fastness first cylinder difference as small as possible, hue saturation

Quality control requirements: Each batch of raw materials must be tested to meet the standard before being put into storage

According to the dark and light color zoning spinning, avoid different color flying strips dry uniform, sufficient weight

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